Graph Visualization & Application Development

An (artificial) intelligent solution and a lot of data needs a shiny application boasting all the differentials of your product. It takes a global understanding to assemble something ‘right’, something that feels simple yet powerful.

We have a holistic approach to software and business, combining a deep understanding of scientific and technical knowledge with an artistic edge.

Intelligent Solutions

We help companies combining graph learning, graph stores and smart visualization in function of fraud prevention, anti-terrorism, forensic analysis, marketing optimization, anomaly detection and more.

Business solutions combining relational data and networks are everywhere and the usage of graphs as a way to augment artificial intelligence with knowledge is becoming ubiquitous. We have integrated over the years natural language (NLP) techniques with semantic stores, Network inference with image analysis, sound segmentation for legal purposes and much more.

We help companies develop semantic networks, ontologies, inference engines, graph learning systems and heterogeneous solutions. Out-of-the-box thinking is our trademark and we are unafraid of venturing into original, innovative solutions. In function of intellectual property development, investor profiling or because you have a vision.

Application Development

Developing applications and integrations with graph-like data and making use of the various framework can be a challenge sometimes. It ain’t the usual dev job. In fact, selecting the right visualization framework can be a daunting task on its own. Going for open source solutions like Cytoscape,…but compromising on features and layout capacity? Paying for high-end solutions like yFiles, Go.js, JointJS…?

We have decades of experience and can help. Whether your favorite web flavor is Angular, React or Vue, we have done it before and also understand the ins and outs of graph integrations with backend systems (both relational and NoSQL).

In addition, a good interface tells a story. What’s your business, what’s the aim of your app, what do you wish to convey with the UI flow…? User eXperience development with graphs is also an art on its own. How can one combine geospatial information with temporal data, how should filtering occur, how to combine so many dimensions into a coherent story?

Awesome Visualizations

There is more in the world than pie-charts and sliders. If you want to stand out with your product you need to step outside the usual toolset. Developing awesome UX demands a combination of different mindsets: business context, technical understanding, artistic creativity and communication. Over the years we have developed countless extraordinary visualizations and innovative interfaces.

Using anything and everything to make it happen, we know how to create unique visuals and components which rock your apps and concepts. Mockups, motion graphics and prototypes based on Sketch, Axure, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Cinema4D. Fully functional web components using d3, raw Canvas code, Angular, Electron or Kendo. Dashboarding with Tableau, Power BI or Dash. In Python, in JavaScript, WPF or Swift.

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