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    We help companies turn multi-dimensional data
    into actionable insights through graph analytics and
    graph visualizations.

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Orbifold B.V.
Leuven, Belgium.

Phone: +32-498-103288
Email: info@orbifold.net
Twitter: @theorbifold

Orbifold Consulting specializes in articulating graphs as a tool to extract business insights from data. Operating as an independent consulting company for more than 20 years, we combine business expertise and scientific know-how in bespoke software solutions. We deliver unique and innovative solutions using state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

We count amongst our customers world-renowned enterprises across all industries. Graph techniques can be applied to almost any business domains but are particularly well suited to fraud analysis, marketing optimization, operational intelligence, anti-terrorism, forensics and any form of large-scale knowledge management. Our expertise in these domains is broad and deep; from PhD-level scientific research to sophisticated JavaScript front-end development, from advanced graph machine learning techniques to cloud devops, from management consulting to startup boosting.

Being vendor neutral enables us to put together the best technology for every project, we’re innovation partners from ideation to implementation.

Seems every week there is a new graph DB on the market. Now and then there is some real innovation and SurrealDB managed to surprise me. A new take on querying, created in Rust, custom extensions in JavaScript, plenty of freshness. https://t.co/BbaYJXeWzc #graphs #graphdatabase https://t.co/7w9INbYnaI
Memgraph v2.4 is Live. There's an interesting projection onto subgraphs and label-based authorization. MemGraph supports only a single graph/database so this helps in partitioning data and access. https://t.co/mO06iKgWzL #graphs @memgraphdb https://t.co/hZoSAvznEA
The latest Deep Graph Library DGL v0.9.1 allows you to train graph machine learning models with billions of edges by chunking the data in parts.Around 5 billion edges in three hours. https://t.co/KUsEWhinvs #GraphMachineLearning #Graphs https://t.co/T9iRFl2Tf9
There is a new graph visualization library from MemGraph! Read how and why the "Orb" open source library was created "How to build a graph visualization engine and why you shouldn’t." https://t.co/Kmr2uwUP9L #graphs #dataviz https://t.co/WeYuHy4MIX
New major @yworks releases (v2.5) of yFiles for HTML! Cactus layout, arrow shapes, WebGL animations and lots more. https://t.co/Ht4bsctMMP #graphs #diagramming #GraphVisualization https://t.co/t7a9NF78sK